Director of Operations, Mike Rhoads

Mike Rhoads

Director of Operations

Our Chief Pilot, Mike Rhoads, has over 29 years of experience in the aviation industry both as a pilot and a mechanic. Mike has worked in Southeast Alaska for the last 16 years for various carriers. Prior to his latest positions Mike was Chief Pilot and Check Airman for Ketchikan Air in Ketchikan, Alaska. A Flight Safety Instructor in the MetroLiner with the authorization to perform 135 checks in the Simulator. Mike has over 20,000 hours of total flight time, he is a certified flight and ground instructor and is type rated in the G-73, G-73T, Lear Jet, and the Lockheed Hercules. Mike has served three terms while appointed to the AACA Board of Directors and has enjoyed learning the processes involved.

Our Pilot, Justin Parenteau

Justin Parenteau


For Justin Parenteau, aviation runs in the family, being a 4th generation pilot. He became a pilot in 2012 and later graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage in Professional Piloting in 2015.

Dedicated to making each flight as safe, efficient and expeditious as possible for our passengers while providing onboard comfort and amenities, he is committed to making Point to Point Air a successful carrier to share the excitement and convenience of flying with our customers.

When not flying, he spends his time with family and friends, traveling, and playing with his dog, Brody.

Our Pilot, Ron Bellamy

Ron Bellamy


Having been a sailor for many years in my early adult years I easily became fascinated with flying gliders as well. It was similar to sailing in so many ways. I have enjoyed the world of aviation ever since having studied, practiced and flown in a wide variety of single and multi-engine aircraft, gliders, classic taildraggers, tricycle gear, high wing, low wing, reciprocating and turbo-props, and jets. The world of aviation is such a progressive, contemporary adventure that there seems to be no end to what I can explore. I have advanced to being an instructor and have flown and towed gliders, guided the commuters as a skywatch pilot and carried banners across the skies.