Our aircraft is a Cessna 172K model. First introduced in 1955, the 172 is known as the premier aircraft for flight training worldwide. Its impeccable flight record over 58 years of continuous service is a testament to its success.

A stable, reliable, and comfortable workhorse, the venerable Cessna is among the very best utility craft ever flown. With seats for a pilot and three passengers, this single-engine high-wing plane with fixed landing gear allows operation from a very wide variety of airfields.

Our plane has been upgraded for improved performance with an increased horsepower engine. A modern, certified GPS helps us safely navigate the busy airspace. Our 172 cruises along at 125 miles per hour, using fewer than 8 gallons of fuel per hour—that’s nearly 16 miles per gallon.

Lovingly cared for and professionally maintained its entire service life, with new paint and a comfy new leather interior, our plane is ready to whisk you off on an exciting adventure!