Do you hate traffic?
Do you want to reach your destination faster, but safely?
We get that.

We’re pilots because we love aviation and the convenience it provides. Flying allows us to travel faster and farther than driving, and it’s a lot more fun. A perfect day for us is a flight with friends for pie and coffee. We created Point to Point Air so that we could share the convenience and pleasure of flying with you.

Jeanne Howe, President

I began aviation training when I had my first "solo" flight. Time and money prevented me from continuing until later in life, but in 2008 I earned my private pilot’s license. I wanted to fly everywhere! With my husband, Laith Barnhill, I have done just that. For our 20th wedding anniversary, we flew to 20 destinations, including Ketchikan, Alaska, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Phoenix, Arizona, Yellowstone, and more. When I’m not flying, I work as a registered nurse, and I enjoy gardening and walks with Diesel, our German Shorthaired Pointer.

Laith Barnhill, General Manager

I have been a commercial diver in Alaska and Washington, harvesting geoduck clams and sea cucumbers. As long as I can remember, I have loved aviation. For Christmas 2004, my wife, Jeanne, gave me the gift of flight lessons. (She really just wanted me to quit making a mess with my model airplanes.) Little did she know that she had "opened the hangar door" to our future in flying. I've been a private pilot since 2005, and we even built our own plane that’s an absolute joy to fly.